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Clifton Grammar Junior & Senior School was established in 1982 by an acclaimed educationist Mrs. Rehana Saeed (Late), in the vicinity of Defense Housing Authority Karachi with the definite endeavor of effectual & resourceful education intended for the youth of the nation. Because of her strong determination, Clifton Grammar Junior & Senior School has always been a part of prestige and it has always enjoyed the reputation of being among the few prestigious schools in Karachi.

Since the commencement of Clifton Grammar Junior & Senior School, the school management has worked determinedly to craft an institution where young children are prepared to cultivate academic excellence and widen their horizons to be capable of making decisions that are required by the systematic realm of 21st Century.

Now, the school has marked its 40 years of academic excellence and is still determined to produce ingenuity in education on the principles laid by its founder.

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Our School: Our Mission
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